Online Homeland Security Instructors Blend Knowledge and Real World Expertise

Those who teach in the EKU Online Homeland Security program have a wide range of experience. Faculty members’ resumes include the United States Military, medical emergency management, law enforcement and intelligence.

Lindsay Greenwell, the program’s graduation track advisor, spoke with Dr. Ryan Baggett, associate professor and program coordinator, about a few of the educators who teach homeland security at EKU.      

Lindsay Greenwell: Our program covers all aspects of homeland security, which means our faculty are very well-versed. Faculty who teach online are the same people who teach on campus. We also bring in additional experts who aren’t in the area and can’t teach here in Richmond. They add depth to our online degrees. Tell us about the faculty and instructors and how they make our program unique.

Dr. Ryan Baggett: You know, other than talking about our graduates and our students, this is my favorite thing to do -- talk about the faculty and their qualifications. I’m blessed to work with a group of individuals who not only have had outstanding careers and are excellent instructors, but are also very personable and caring. They’re just great people.

Our full-time faculty teach on campus and online. They do both. All of our full-time faculty have doctorates and experience in the field. Our program believes firmly in hiring individuals who have applied experience, what we call the “boots on the ground” experience.

Dr. Chad Foster is a West Point military grad. He worked as an analyst for the Council of State Governments and was also a contractor for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Joanne McGlown has over three decades of experience in nursing, emergency medical, healthcare administration, leadership, and extensive federal government experience as a disaster and emergency management consultant.

Dr. Bill Sullivan is a retired major from the state police. He worked in special ops. He did intel-fusion, and he also did emergency management.

Dr. Brian Simpkins and I actually met when he was working on federal grants. He did that for over a decade. Now, he’s the principle investigator for a grant funding opportunity through the office of the director of national intelligence. This is a federal, national grant and helps bolster our intelligence program at EKU.

Joining our full-time faculty online is Dr. Mike Collier. He’s a retired coastguard commander. He served as a military attaché in Colombia for a number of years. He is a retired EKU professor who was instrumental in creating our homeland security program in 2007.

We are fortunate to have those who still work in the field teach for us as well. Greg Howard is a retired law enforcement officer, former commissioner of the Kentucky vehicle enforcement and now serves as a gang specialist with the Fayette County attorney’s office. Autumn Stout is a graduate of the program. She went on to get her master’s degree, and she’s the state planner for South Dakota Emergency Management now.

Now, you can tell I could go on and on about these folks. They’re very exciting, great people, and I’ve inadvertently left a few folks out from that. But know that we have qualified instructors that truly care about students and they want to propel them in their education and into their careers.

Published on October 04, 2018