Are You Ready for an Emergency Management Career?

If a disaster were to strike, could you be part of the solution?

Acquiring knowledge about emergencies, how to help, even on a somewhat professional basis, is important in being part of the solution. To meet this need, EKU has a bachelor’s degree program that teaches the critical knowledge areas of the profession of emergency management.

Through the Homeland Security Program in the College of Justice and Safety there is a well-designed curriculum on emergency management taught by professors with backgrounds in the field. Students can major in Homeland Security which includes emergency management or earn a minor in Emergency Management. Both options are available online and on-campus. They represent fascinating and rewarding job markets in government and the private sector. A minor in Emergency Management indicates to your future employers that you have value-added that contributes to corporate disaster resilience, through your serving on the corporation’s preparedness planning committee, for example.

As a student, you will have an opportunity to talk with professors like Dr. Fred May about topics like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We all saw people standing in long food lines because they were not prepared. These people were from all walks of life. Consider that an individual’s education may not be a measure of being prepared. In fact, it seems the opposite. The more education we have often means the less prepared we seem to be. Safety comes first. You can break this cycle by being prepared both materially and through knowledge.

Dr. Chad Foster of the EKU Homeland Security program notes that emergency management principles and practices transcend and support many career paths. For example, many jobs in public health and the environmental sciences deal with preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters, plus mitigating the hazards that cause them.

If you are interested in learning more about emergency management options from Eastern Kentucky University and EKU Online, contact an EKU Online advisor.

Published on January 07, 2016