Are There Jobs in the Intelligence Community?

Intelligence careers span more than the CIA or the NSA. There are more than17 different national agencies employing thousands and thousands of individuals. Each branch of the U.S. Military employs vast intelligence teams to support its mission. National Intelligence agencies support U.S. policy makers and military commanders. In addition to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there are agencies for defense, geospatial intelligence, reconnaissance, homeland security and law enforcement.
Jobseekers will also find potential employers at the state and local level. These include fusion centers covering states or large cities, state police and law enforcement agencies and police departments in dense metropolitan areas. Local law enforcement agencies may hire intelligence liaison officers to collaborate with state officials. Corporate America also employs many members of the intelligence community to keep businesses safe.
Most individuals will find jobs as intelligence collection specialists, but the field also employs agents/operatives, linguists, mathematicians, cryptologists, scientists, engineers and analysts. Computers are the foundation of analysis and information management within the community. There is a need for computer scientists, computer information systems specialists and cyber security specialists.

Published on November 02, 2015