EKU Online: Career Outlook

Homeland security is a diverse field with a range of employment opportunities. Eastern Kentucky University provides students with a balanced degree program that leads to a solid understanding of security management and disaster preparedness issues, which increases graduates’ marketability.

A degree in homeland security prepares students for work in a variety of settings in both the public and private sectors for organizations such as:

Border Protection

Immigration & Customs   

Transportation Security   

Infrastructure Protection

U.S. Coast Guard 

Emergency Management     

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

U.S. Secret Service

Air Marshals

Military Services

Corporate Security

Intelligence Community








Graduates can explore employment opportunities like:

Customs Agent    

Border Patrol Agent 

FBI Agent

CIA Agent

Transportation Security   

Intelligence Analyst  

Forensic Auditor                         

Asylum Officer                          

Policy Analyst


IT-Cyber Security Specialist

Immigration/Naturalization Service (INS) Officer

Security Program Support Specialist

Counterterrorism Analyst

Critical Infrastructure Analyst

Information Technology Specialist

U.S. Air Marshal

Telecommunications Specialist

Transportation Security Screener